Solar Panel Insurance

Have you applied or installed a solar panel in your yard, on your property, your roof or your barn roof? If yes, did you know that this project could change the value of your property? Are you covered if something happened to your solar panels once completed? At Hudson Henderson and Edwards we are able to provide answers to the questions around solar panel insurance. If you want to know more, call us or email us and we will help. We are cutting edge when it comes to new technology so come to us for information, advice and insurance.
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We Insure Farms

Website development can be a tricky thing. We had a call the other day and a gentleman asked if we insure farms. Our farm information was hard to find, so I am posting it here. Yes, we welcome calls for farm business. We insure farms in Ontario. We insure almost any thing you can think of and if we don't we will try to find the proper company for you. We like to do most business ourselves, but call or email us and we will send you in the right direction, but most likely, we will be able to insure you.

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