At Hudson Henderson/Edwards Insurance we are ready and able. Whether you are beginning a career or nearing retirement, it is never too early or too late. Talk to us and we will discuss your plan and help you prepare for your future. We offer a range of services from open to locked-in plans, registered and non-registered, and group or individual plans. Call or email us to set up an appointment to get a first or second opinion. We are here to help.


We provide the range of investment options. If you want to start, transfer or continue with your registered retirement savings plan, we are able to help with the investment direction. We have GIC’s, Mutual funds* , seg funds and annuities, so whatever you are looking for, we are able to find a solution for you. We have opportunities for people wanting self directed RRSP’s too.


If you have a young family or want to start a plan for your grandchildren, we have the resources to make it happen. Call us or read more to get information on RESP’s.

Open Investment Accounts

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to grow an investment or want to protect and grow your nest egg for retirement, we have the product for you. Some want a monthly income for years and the open investment opportunities are here for you. Talk to us about the range of investment ideas.

Pensions Plans

If you have an established plan and want to control it. If you have a self-directed plan or any other plan, call and then come and see us. We specialize in making sense of what you have. We will give you the time you need to make sure you understand pension plan and the options associated with it. We also specialize in helping people understanding their retirement packages and options related to early retirement incentives.


Regardless of your age and type of investment we are ale to help. If you want to change your LIF or RIF or just want the personal touch to management of your money, call us and we will be more than willing to get together and discuss your financial needs. We are able to transfer most LIF’s and RIF’s to you from your company plan.

Loans and Mortgages

If you need money for RRSP’s or a loan or mortgage, give us a call and we will link you to the appropriate lending agency. We have the forms to complete and the resources available to help you get the money you need and want from a reputable organization for the most competitive rate. Call us and we will help you on your way.


If the guarantee behind the GIC is your choice for investing, give us a call. We will look for a competitive product in the GIC market to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Interest rates vary daily and we will find the highest rate available for you.


  * Mutual Funds Provided By Queensbury Strategies Inc. 69 Yonge street, 2nd floor,  Toronto Ontario..  M5E 1K3 Phone 416 866 8600