Critical illness

The last thing you need when you face a health crisis and are unable to work is a pile of bills looking and you and knowing that they need to be paid sooner than later. Extra stressors can be an additional health hazard when you have had a heart attack, stroke or been diagnosed with cancer. By purchasing a basic Critical Illness policy this hardship can be avoided. Critical Illness packages offer anywhere from coverage for a few main illnesses to a broad range of up to 22 health risks. The key factor when buying critical illness is that the payout is a lump sum at a time when you need it most. Surviving for 30 days post a serious health event can trigger a lump sum payout of anywhere from 25k to 250k for most people. There are other benefits like return or premium on surrender or death that make this product a viable purchase. Call us if you have any questions or want to know more.